With a large variety of different cocktails available on 17th Avenue, Calgary Journal reporters decided to find their favourite. PHOTO: KOBBY MENDEZ/UNSPLASH

Calgary’s 17th Avenue has been a bar life staple of the city for years, offering a large variety of popular cocktails and alcoholic beverages. 

Three of the street’s most popular places to visit are Whiskey Rose Saloon, Trolley5, and Porch. With different aesthetics, drinks, and customer service, each location has something unique to offer Calgarians on 17th Avenue.

“No matter what time of day, there is always something happening on 17th and I think that is what makes it such a great location,” says Trolley5 bartender Kyle Szoo.

Whiskey Rose Saloon manager Mike Palacz is also happy to be serving customers on 17th Avenue. 

“It’s always busy, people are always walking by,” Palacz says. “The people here are awesome.”

From sour to sweet, strong to mild, and exotic to old-fashioned–there is no doubt the street has a cocktail for everyone. 

Watch Calgary Journal reporters Brooke Palin and Madison Freeman visit 17th Avenue to try a variety of unique cocktails and find their favourite: 

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