This year’s run for the cure raised almost $600,000. Photo: Jennifer Underwood, Facebook.

After two years online, Calgary’s Run for the Cure took place in person on Sunday, Oct. 2., one of many successful events across the country.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women, and in 2020 alone around 27,400 Canadians were diagnosed with the disease. 

With the cost of transportation, medicine and treatment, living with breast cancer can be incredibly financially draining, but fundraisers can help people with the financial burden.  This year, organizers say they raised almost $600,000 here in Calgary and $13 million across the country.

Ariel Kim, the communications lead for the run, says that the majority of the funds are allocated to research, in order to attempt to find cures for breast cancer. She further lists the other services and products the money raised goes to. 

“There’s the support group, the wig program for people who have lost their hair while going through chemo, and I believe we also offer transportation services for chemotherapy patients,” says Kim.

The charity run began in 1992, when a small group of volunteers brought together around 1,500 people and raised almost $85,000. That day marked what is now known as the beginning of the Canadian Cancer Societys’  CIBC Run for the Cure. 

The organizers say more than 2,300 people ran this year in Calgary alone. The event gives participants two distance options: either 1KM or 5KM and despite the name, participants are not required to run, this way the event can cater to people of all abilities. 

Yesenia Leon, the run director, says that the Run for the Cure is not so much a race, as it is a symbol of community and unity.  

“In reality it’s a run or walk. Because it is designed to inspire, and obviously you can even go with your pets or family, and it is more an event of getting together, and kind of having this feeling of together we’re stronger,” Yesenia says.

The run may be over but if you’re interested in donating you can scan the QR code below or visit the following link:

CIBC Run for the Cure QR

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