Portrait of Rufaro Magutsa, owner and founder of Faffs Hair Studio, taken at the African Fashion Week held on Sept. 10, 2022. PHOTO: MIRANDAH SHERENI

Rufaro Magutsa’s passion for hairdressing started when she was a little girl and living in Zimbabwe. Magutsa was intrigued by the girl braiding hair during primary school recess, but when she asked to learn, the response she received was unwelcoming.

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“Those words stuck with me and I used those words as the fuel to teach myself,” said Magutsa, who began practicing hairdressing on dolls. 

After moving to the United States at 12, Magutsa practiced on her own hair and used her sister as a guinea pig. That way Magutsa could save her mother time, because she was busy studying at the University of Indianapolis as a mature student. 

“The convenience of being able to go to someone’s house and just finding someone that’s consistent and stable enough to do it was the challenging part,” said Magutsa. She became the convenient hairstylist who provided her services to her mother’s friends and their children. 

When she completed her business management diploma at Humber College in Ontario, she was forced to decide whether to get an office job or pursue her passion for hair. 

Faffs Hair Studio

Owner: Rufaro Magutsa
Web: faffshairstudio.com
Facebook: facebook.com/FaffsCreativeTouch
Instagram: @faffs.hair.studio
Location: Edmonton

“I was fortunate enough to have a supportive partner who encouraged me to go to hairdressing school,” said Magutsa. 

Moving to Canada led Magutsa to obtain her hairdressing license from the Aveda Institute in Toronto, where she gained experience handling diverse hair textures. 

After working for Aveda salons in Toronto and Edmonton for seven years, in 2019, Magutsa finally opened her own salon in Edmonton, Faffs Hair Studio, which appeals to customers with all hair types. She offers a wide range of hair services, hair products, custom wigs, and satin hair bonnets.

Sharing her passion and talent, Magusta recently volunteered her salon’s styling services at Calgary’s African Fashion Week. Faffs Hair Studio hopes to apply for grants and loans that will allow the studio to teach aspiring hairstylists to work with diverse hair textures.

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