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VIDEO: Ashley Pfeifer sits down with local artist, Yaiza, to understand her songwriting journey.

Yaiza Lopez Garcia San Roman is a local singer and songwriter who also owns owns a record label called Two Thirds Records .

As a solo artist, Yaiza writes and produces music without a band and according to her, so can others. 

“There’s a stereotype that to write songs, you need a full band,” said Yaiza, who goes by her stage name. “But the good thing is that in this day and age, we have the technology to play every single instrument by ourselves.”

What you need for those tunes

Yaiza creates virtually all of her music with only a few items: a keyboard, a digital audio workstation, a microphone and a few other miscellaneous items.

According to Yaiza, people should not let their lack of equipment interfere with their ability to write and produce music. With current technology, creating music is easier than ever. With everyday tools like a phone, you can even produce a music video. 

Artist Yaiza using keyboard to start creative songwriting process at the University of Calgary. PHOTO: ASHLEY PFEIFER

Behind the magic

Yaiza teamed up with her classmate from the University of Calgary, Sherry Kai Yi Huang, to produce a video for a song. 

“When Yaiza reached out to me to help her produce her visualizer for the song RTW, Rule the World, neither of us had much prior experience to bring to the project,” Huang said.

As students, Yaiza and Huang credit their determination to produce a song and a music video. 

“Not having proper resources or the best technology or even years of experience should ever hold you back from trying to make music,” Yaiza said.

Follow and listen to Yaiza’s latest single ‘Perfectly’ on YouTube and Spotify.

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