The women’s rugby club at Mount Royal University has a major goal, and it’s to make sure all women have a place in sports and in the game. 

Although not a varsity team, the club competes at the university level against other clubs and schools across western Canada. 

Building a strong community is a long term mission with their events and activities like practices, home and away games, social events, and volunteering opportunities.

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Student journalists, Hajar Al Khouzaii and Ethan Seaborn, join the women’s rugby team at Mount Royal University to see how inclusivity is a continuing mission for the athletes.

Emily Godfrey, the team’s assistant coach said, being part of the team is a positive experience and her teammates share a positive attitude towards one another and to the game. 

“You get to learn so many new skills that you never thought would come in handy,” said Godfrey.

However, the team still has an issue of funding according to Saba Haghighi, one of the team’s presidents. According to the rugby world rankings, Canada’s women’s national rugby union team is currently ranked as the third best team in the world. 

“If you look at professional rugby, like men’s, professional rugby is definitely higher in the media than women’s rugby is and then you find that women’s rugby is actually the most interesting sport in the country,” said Haghighi. 

According to Haghighi, the challenge will continue, but the support the team receives from the university and the men’s rugby team makes it worth it.

Any woman 17 years or older, regardless of the experience and skill level, is welcome to join Mount Royal University, women’s rugby team.

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