Hello Calgary Journal Subscribers! Happy Pride Month!

My name is Gustavo, and I am a student journalist interning here at the Journal, and I will be in charge of the newsletter for the next few weeks! We know it’s been a while since our last newsletter, but we are super excited to show you what we have in store (as well as what we have coming up!).

Summer is right around the corner, and everyone’s looking towards some fun events to do outside! Here are some suggestions on activities that anyone can participate in this weekend:

  • Father’s Day is this Sunday! Celebrate this special day and make sure to thank your dad for everything he does!
  • Neighbour Day is also this weekend! Make sure to go out to as many different venues as you can to celebrate!
  • The Great Benjamin’s Circus is in town this weekend! If you are a fan of acrobatics, daredevils and various other performers, this could be a fun sight!
  • June is Indigenous Science Month! Come to Telus Spark every Saturday in June for Indigenous Science Month, a month-long celebration honoring the ingenuity of Indigenous science.
  • The All Sport One Day presents an incredible chance for children and youth in Calgary to explore a variety of sports. Not only is it an opportunity to discover new sports but also a gateway to finding a newfound passion. (Best Part: it’s FREE!)

Sled Island Music Festival

Sled Island is coming up next week, and this year looks to be bigger and better than the last! Join us there as we cover the whole festival, and enjoy all the sights and sounds from your favorite local artists. Sled Island goes from June 21 to 25 and will be hosted at a variety of venues, such as Commonwealth or Ship and Anchor. Information on the artists, as well as where to purchase tickets, is available on the Sled Island website.

Bouldering is climbing the ranks of popularity at MRU

Mount Royal Unversity’s climbing facility opened in 2002. And with over 5000 square feet of climbing opportunities, they receive approximately 10,000 visitors each school year. The majority of those are students whose access to the facility and equipment rentals is included in their fees. 

SHOW time: Local performing arts group looking for fresh talent

Calgary celebrated its fourth annual Chinook Blast Festival with freezing temperatures for the opening weekend…

How endurance sports can help people live with grief

When Denise Coffield’s husband died suddenly in an avalanche four years ago, she felt lost…

Six-storey East Village mixed-use building the final riverfront development project

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) announced its partnership with Alston Properties on Monday on the new residential project EV606 in East Village…

In case you missed it…

The world record for “Furthest Distance Cycled Without Using Hands” has been broken. JAMES WINDLER/ FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY.
FLC Seniors Club members meeting for a bike ride at South Glenmorgan Park. PHOTO: GUSTAVO FORNEZ
A new, creative wayfinding mural has been painted around the Municipal Building in downtown Calgary and offers visitors ground level directions to various Calgary landmarks. PHOTO: DARREN KRAUSE/LIVEWIRE

My Happy Place

We all have them. Places in the city where we go when we need a reset, to feel ourselves again. From secret swings to Saddledomes, here are some of the spots in Calgary that bring our editors joy, great and small.

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