After one year leading the city, your mayor answers your questions

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One year ago on Oct. 25, Naheed Nenshi was sworn in as a mayor who promised change and vibrancy for Calgary communities.

After 12 months of leading our city, it can be seen that this mayor has not been afraid to make many changes right out of the gate, from the approval of the Airport Trail tunnel to the introduction of the bike path pilot project.

Despite these and many more steps forward, The Calgary Journal decided to get in touch with those who care most about their communities for their opinions on what is still needed from their mayor.


We contacted many community association presidents throughout the city, finally settling on one issue per quadrant, and got Mayor Nenshi to respond directly through email. Click through the pages to see what community leaders are most concerned about, and what your mayor is doing to address those concerns and make the city a better place to live in, regardless of what community you hail from.

Photo illustrations by: Sean-Paul Boynton

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