Airdrie woman handcrafts porcelain dolls


Doreen Harrold lost her entire porcelain doll collection as a child when her home in Norwich, England was bombed during the Second World War. Over 70 years later, she’s creating a similar collection for others at a workshop located on her daughter’s farm, just outside of Airdrie, Alta.

Harrold, who was introduced to porcelain doll making by her daughter, says she started building them as a hobby to ease some of the boredom she felt when she retired and moved to Canada 14 years ago.

Produced by Mary Yohannes

From the initial pouring of the liquid porcelain to fitting the clothes each doll takes roughly a month to finish. The dolls sell for anywhere between $100 to $200.

In a profession that is slowly dying out, Harrold says she still enjoys making dolls and plans to continue with the art for as long as she can.

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