Wayfinding in Orbis is a podcast about the role technology plays in our everyday social lives. We are social beings and are constantly interacting with one another.

The Internet, social media and technology have changed how social beings socialize. Every generation has their own perspective and experiences regarding the digital age and this is a podcast where those stories come together.

The debut episodes of Wayfinding In Orbis include: Dating in the Digital Age and The Gap – both produced by the Calgary Journal’s Trevor Solway and Jan Lopez.

DatingInTheDigitalAgeIn the Dating in the Digital Age episode, we hear four personal stories from Blaine Solway, Telly James, Katherine Huitema and Glenda and Ralph Dubienski. Photo by: Trevor Solway

Dating in the Digital Age

This episode explores four narratives from three generations.

We hear four personal stories: a 17-year-old who only knows ‘the dating game’ through technology, a university student who found her partner via Tinder, a middle-aged man who is recently divorced and released back into the wild and a baby boomer couple who met organically but use technology to stay connected.

To listen to Dating in the Digital Age, visit http://wayfindinginorbis.webflow.io/posts/dating-in-the-digital-age

The-GapThe Gap features stories from the perspective of those who have face this “gap” in one way or another. We will hear from Caroline Farris, Vivian Ayoungman, Andrew Sandora, Krisy Glenn. Photo by: Trevor Solway

The Gap

What’s your bridge?

The term “digital divide” is something familiar to most, but what other divides are created by technology? A new set of digital gaps has emerged from technology: age gaps, language gaps, distance gaps, even gaps between family members. Technology has allowed unique situations to emerge from its uses; from long distance friendships, to using new technology to preserve language. Episode 2, is the exploration of different gaps in society that are either hindered or helped by technology.

You can listen to The Gap at http://wayfindinginorbis.webflow.io/posts/the-gap

tsolway@cjournal.ca, jlopez@cjournal.ca

The editor responsible for this article is Nora Cruickshank and can be contacted at ncruickshank@cjournal.ca

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