It is common knowledge that good physical health is key to good mental health and overall well-being. Which is why the Recreation and Wellness Services at Mount Royal University have collaborated to initiate a program called “Steps to Well-Being” to help promote physical well-being, and active lifestyles among students.

Calgary Journal reporter Bill Atwood spoke to Kandi McElary and Bjorn Billehaug about the success of the program:

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The program offers students who are referred by a care provider in Wellness Services (such as a medical doctor, counselor, or mental health nurse) access to five sessions with MRU personal trainers free of charge.

MRU manager of recreation Bjorn Billehaug explains that the program fits right in with the Recreation department’s goal of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

“We’re really guided right now by our brand promise [which is] inspiring health active lifestyles, through fun student lead experiences,” says Billehaug.
“One of our strategies is collaborating with other internal stakeholders here on campus to promote our programs and services,” he says.

As Kandi McElary, director of MRU’s Wellness Services explains students who have completed their training sessions have gotten a lot out of the program and provide very positive feedback.

“That gives us the evidence that it is contributing to that larger body of knowledge that being physically active is important [to our wellbeing],” McElary says.

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According to statistics provided by MRU wellness since the program launched in 2017, 58 students have successfully completed it. 95 per cent of participants reported that they would continue to exercise regularly. 90 per cent also reported feeling less intimidated going to the gym. Students also reported an increase in overall health.

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