The Calgary Public Library started the Locked Library events to engage the public with the literature and the library itself. Similar to the experiences at the Locked Room, teams are given challenges and puzzles to complete.

The first team to complete all the puzzles “escapes” and wins. Each event has a different theme and each theme promotes a different section of books. This year’s theme lets the public dive into different genres of books including the cooking section.

Tracy Johnson, Calgary Public Library Director of Strategy and Support, says, “It’s been a great way for us to do a fundraiser for the library [and] bring in a different group of people that want to give back and be a part of our community for the Library Foundation.”

Calgary Locked Library invites the public to explore the stacks after hours from MRU Journalism on Vimeo.

Calgary’s new public central library downtown opened on Nov. 1, 2018, replacing the old central library in downtown Calgary. The library is four floors and has all kinds of different equipment and utilities for the public, from meeting rooms, to activity centers. The library features a 340-seat theatre and a café. There are also over 450,000 titles spread out across the top three levels as well as an abundance of reading areas.

Competition winners expressed their enthusiasm for the event saying that it was a great way to explore the library. “I thought they did a great job with the puzzles and making it accessible to everyone,” says Brennan O’Yeung, one of the members of the winning team.

Locked libraryPeople who attended the Locked Library event on Feb. 1 received instructions inside big, yellow envelopes. Photo by Cassandra Jamieson

The Locked Library was held on Feb. 1, with plans for the next locked library to be somewhere in late Spring, or early Summer. Tickets must be purchased to attend the event, and all proceeds go towards the library foundation to rejuvenate the book selections.

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