Doro Buch is a Calgary-based visual artist. Photo supplied by: Doro Buch

A visual artist originally from Germany, Doro Buch’s art became brighter when she moved to Calgary in 2012.

“I think Canada is a very happy place,” Buch says.

Buch, who studied social sciences and often takes inspiration from her education, says her art “goes from realism and it turns into abstraction.”

“I was interested in our surroundings and different cultures and the world we are living  in,” Buch says. 

“So this is what I do as well with my art, this is how it fits.” 

Her oil on canvas painting, The Devimides, explores these themes by depicting women swimming, being defined by other bodies as well as their own. 

The Devimides is an oil on canvas painting by Doro Buch. Photo supplied by: Doro Buch

“I always try, as well, to include my viewers into the painting, so it’s up to their interpretation, how they see it,” she says.

These days, Buch has been exploring “projection mapping,” an art display style in which paintings are projected on walls and windows. 

“This goes more into public art because I’m really interested to get the art out of the studios, to the people where they are,” Buch says.

Doro Buch’s Dream Away: Projection Mapping room installation, which also features a sculpture by Christine Wignall, is seen in an exhibition video. Video supplied by: Doro Buch

Although Buch notes viewers can often be confused by her abstracted art style, she wants to give people “something above just seeing a painting.” 

“It’s not what they are used to,” she says. “But I hope it sticks somewhere, lets them think about what they see.”

“They don’t have to agree, I love the discussion.” 

Serving as the projects coordinator for the Mini Galleries of Crescent Heights which exhibits local artwork at Rotary Park, Buch enjoys creating opportunities for people to see the work of Calgary artists. 

“There are so many inspired, amazing artists out there never seen,” Buch says.

“It’s amazing to discover the people and share them with other people because it just makes your life more beautiful.”

Stand Up! is an oil on wood painting by Doro Buch. Photo supplied by: Doro Buch

Editor’s note: This story has been changed from its original version to better reflect the artist’s feelings about her home and her art.

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