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So much has happened these past few weeks, the weather got colder, MRU students returned from reading break and Jyoti Gondek, has been elected as our new mayor.

We’ve been hard at work to provide for you some compelling and interesting reads!

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Credit: Dylan LeDuke

Photos: Election night at Gondek’s campaign celebration

Jyoti Gondek hosted a victory celebration with supporters and family Monday night. It was a smaller gathering than other years due to COVID restrictions, but supporters were enthusiastic nonetheless.

Credit: Dylan DeLuke

Vote 2021: Election liveblog

Relive the Calgary Journal’s live coverage of the 2021 civic election.

Meet the mayoral candidates

On Monday, Calgarians go to the polls to choose a new mayor. To help with the decision, we talked to the candidates and asked them five questions about them and their campaign.

More election coverage…

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