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The 2022 World Cup is underway, and Canada is competing in the tournament for the first time in 36 years. Unfortunately, Canada has been eliminated from any further advancement after dropping their first two games to Belgium and Croatia, but there is still some time to support our team.

Canada will be taking on Morocco tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. Canada are considered to be underdogs in the matchup, and will look to play spoiler to Morocco’s potential advancement. If you are looking for a place to watch the game, check out our virtual map!

Where to watch World Cup 2022 in Calgary

“The World Cup runs until Dec. 18 in Qatar. If you’re looking for somewhere to watch the action, we’re building a map of places to go in Calgary. Some bars and restaurants are opening early for the games, but not all of them, so it’s best to check social media to confirm the hours.”

Photos: World Cup watch party brings together hundreds of Calgary soccer fans


“Hundreds of Calgarians gathered at the Tsuut’ina Seven Chiefs Sportsplex to cheer on the Canadian men’s soccer team Sunday morning.”

Although Canada won’t be continuing, many Calgarians are showing their support for different teams.

Mexican Calgarians ready to show World Cup spirit


“Soccer is always the perfect reason to get together for Calgary’s Mexican community, and nothing exemplifies community like the World Cup.

Miguel Cortines has made it his job to promote Mexican culture in Calgary, as he is the president of Casa Mexico, an award-winning foundation designed to showcase Mexican art and culture in Calgary.

However, when it’s World Cup season, everything takes a back seat.”

“It’s a passion in Mexico and the World Cup has always been a very, very important event,” said Cortines. “It’s an opportunity to be excited and to bring your spirit out.”

‘Soccer is an international language:’ World Cup unites new Canadians

“When Jean-Claude Munyezamu founded Umoja Community Mosaic — formally named Soccer Without Boundaries — he wanted to find a way to invest in children and grow community for newcomers to Canada.

He decided soccer was the best way to do just that.

The non-profit organization has worked to build belonging for immigrant children by giving them the opportunity to participate in sport and support them in achieving success in whatever way they define it.”

What was a sport actually became an opening of doors for those youth — where the kids feel that they belong to a larger community, not to just that little neighbourhood in public housing,” said Munyezamu, the organization’s founder and the executive director.

How Calgary’s top soccer stars abroad performed in October


Costa Rican Calgarians looking forward to World Cup


“According to Costa Rican Diego Herrera, World Cup watch parties he has organized over the years have blown his expectations out of the water, especially during the 2014 World Cup.

“I invited about 22 Costa Ricans and almost 100 showed up!”

The World Cup represents a lot more than just a soccer tournament to Costa Ricans. An immigrant himself, and someone who has helped his fair share of new immigrants settle in Calgary, Herrera knows what it’s like to miss his home.”

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