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Calgary art collective hoping to help stop performers from leaving the city

Sahar Hakimi, a visual artist originally from Tehran, Iran is the Newcomer Artist in Residence at the Calgary Public Library. Her work is inspired by the everyday lives of Iranian women and the freedom she has found to express that in Canada…

Killer T, Zimbabwe’s dancehall star, comes to Canada for the first time

Taurai Imbayarwo, originally from Zimbabwe is famously known as DJ Slice and help runs Biggz Entertainment based in Edmonton…

‘There’s always an alternative’: Calgary Humane Society finds abandoned dogs

The Calgary Humane Society is investigating after two dogs were abandoned outside their office on Canada Day…

A Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua were abandoned in a plastic carrier outside of the Calgary Humane Society main building on July 1, 2023. CONTRIBUTED.

Calgary badminton star continues his Olympic push at home tournament

The Yonex Canada Open has seen a jolt in prestige and competitiveness since it moved from Richmond, British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta, going from a Super 100 to a Super 500 tournament…

Promotional poster of the 2023 Yonex Canada Open. CONTRIBUTED.

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