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Football concussion protocols in Alberta follow the rules but levels of care can still vary widely Brain injuries happen at every level of the game but a lack of resources can mean players don’t always get equal care.

Indigenous-led mental health services are crucial, experts and First peoples say Despite efforts made by governments to aid Indigenous mental health services, some community members are still reporting inadequate mental health care.

Moonstone: Amy’s Legacy – A documentary Devastatingly, Amy Willier unexpectedly passed away in January of 2021, but the family and community kept the store going despite the challenge of grief, along with the pandemic. This documentary lets us into the family, spirit, and heart behind this Native-owned Calgary business.

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“Don’t underestimate the power of how images can impact your story.”
~Jazmine Canfield

Senior Reporter Spotlight!

Jazmine Canfield is in her final year of the Journalism & Digital Media program, and has a range of excellent stories with us. Her most recent published project is Moonstone: Amy’s Legacy a documentary she co-produced.  Find all of Jaz’s stories with the Journal here!

Recent stories

Video: How film photography is making a comeback in a digital world


In an era where digital media can be found everywhere, it can be hard to find activities that allow for less screen time. But recently, analog technology like film photography has been making a comeback.

Listen: Burger joint on 17th Avenue supports the local economy in more ways than one


Saucy Burger sources locally and is community-minded, but this means higher costs in an already stormy season for restaurants.

Video: High River coffee house stands out by adding local care and attention


Colossi’s Coffee House, located in the heart of downtown High River, has continued to grapple with small town business competitiveness. However, they have proven to outlast many of their competitors while still serving popular hot and cold drinks for 19 years.

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